HR&M conference 2018

15. november 2018

Kristalna palača, Slovenija


HR&M conference is the central event in Slovenia highlighting the importance of interlacement and active cooperation between top management and HR professionals to achieve optimal development of the company and employers.

who SHOULD come?

  • managers and professionals, dealing with people management,
  • top management that understands the importance of cooperation with HR professionals and the importance of understanding the HR topics,
  • experts, working on the development and research of commitment, organizational energy and employee satisfaction,
  • everyone interested in best practices of Slovene companies and would like to improve the HRM field in their company or organization,
  • representatives of the interested public in the field of employment, HRM and management, employment relationships and modern approaches to managing employees at work.


November 15, 2018



Opening Remarks

Peter Ribarič, Editor in Chief HR&M Magazine, Conference Moderator

be(come) the first in the world

Section Chair: Andrej Vizjak,


Building a Leading Global Digital Transformation Consultansy

Sonja Vizjak & Andrej Vizjak, AV. consulting

How do we build, the leading digital consulting company in the world? If we want to be successful in our industry, we need the best employees - the experienced consultants, and young, talented counselors. How can we find and develop both types? How do we find a strategic advantages in attracting the right human resources? The vision of our company is to (be)come the first digital consulting firm in the world. Our mission is to help our clients (be)come the first in the world in their sectors too. The story and the daily practices of the leading digital agency will be presented by the founders and co-owners, Andrej Vizjak and Sonja Vizjak.


CEO & Organization Traits of Global Leader

Chris Walsh, NiceLabel


Organizational Culture in a Global Leader

Mark Pleško, Cosylab

At our company, Cosylab is the culture one of the most important elements. The values of "think bold, work hard, act modestly and enjoy life" describe the way of work in the company and the relationships between employees and leaders. Why and how we create and develop this type of organizational culture, and how does it affect our organizational success, will be presented by the CEO of the company, Mr. Mark Pleško.


Coffee Break & Refreshments

What can we learn from the best in the world?

Lokesh Dadhich, Principal Arthur D.Little Middle East

How does the strategic context look like today? Which characteristics are the most important for the NEXT organizations? What can we learn from native digital players? What is the role of HRM in the digital world? We are going to find those answer with our speaker, Mr. Lokesh Dadhich, Principal of Arthur D. Little.


Reflection & Round table with Morning Section Speakers

Moderator: Andrej Vizjak,


Section Chair: Viktor Lenart, Grow Group


Change management: leader, HR & organisation perspective

Viktor Lenart, Grow Group

Leaders have a crucial role in changing the organization. If you, as a leader want to see some changes in your organization, you have to change first. As often quoted: ‚Be the change you want to see in your organization!’ But if you as a leader, a manager or an employee want to change, this change starts with embracing your current reality. Altough this is the first step as you want to become what you envision yourself to be, for most leaders and organizations this already seems to be a tough challenge. And who might be your best friend in these challenges? HR is the best support both for the leaders and the organization. But how do we know if HR is successfully supporting change management? How do we synchronise the role of the supporter and the judge? What are the professional criteria you should be aware of? What guidelines do help you to manage connectedness, capacities, digitalization, cultural aspects, insiration, alliances, throughout the change process? Let’s be practical, let’s share some real cases so we can understand the simple and easy path to practial change management.


Lunch Break


Executive Management Expectations from HR

Toni Balažič, & Panvita


Role of HR in State Controlled Companies

Ivan Matasić, MAPOS Usluge


Managing HR in a Global Company

Sonja Špoljarič, BSH Nazarje


Building Organizations of the Future: The Power of Formal and Informal Connections

Andras Viscek, Maven 7

One of the key challenges we face in our organizations is how we harness the pace of changes coming from new technologies, business models and ways of working. To succeed, we need transform our organization to enable a free flow of information and new ideas among teams and across organizational boundaries. We need to leverage the power of informal networks and influencers to mobilize our workforce and accelerate change! Learn more about the behavioral aspects of change, and which strategies maximize our success levels. Appreciate the informal networks at play inside and outside organizations which drive adoption of change during transformation,Explore case studies from organizations globall and learn how to use connectivity to design adaptive and agile organizations in times of fast-moving global markets and disruption.



Viktor Lenart, Grow Group & Peter Ribaric, Editor in Chief HR&M Magazine


HRM Project 2018: Top 6 Finalists & Award Ceremony

Moderator: Jasmina Spahalić, Editor HR&M Magazine


Conference Closing

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program.

Join us & meet speakers & learn from best practices in the world

Join us & meet speakers & learn from best practices in the world

Chris Walsh

CEO, NiceLabel

Chris Walsh is the CEO of NiceLabel. Chris has over 30 years of experience as an international leader in both software and hardware technology businesses.

NiceLabel is a labeling and marking software company, founded in Slovenia 25 years ago. It is worldwide the third largest company in its industry. It has offices in the USA, Germany, UK and China. The group employs 135 people of 14 nationalities in 11 countries. Its customers include a high proportion of the major global enterprises. It is a member of the London Stock Exchange ELITE company program. Previously Chris was Managing Director of Zebra Technologies EMEA. Joining the business shortly after start-up Chris led the team to $150million in revenue over a 9-year period. The business grew both organically and through a series of acquisitions and employed 250 people. Chris studied business at Liverpool Polytechnic.

Lokesh Dadhich

Principal Arthur D.Little Middle East

Lokesh is a member of the global Digital Strategy & Organization practice of Arthur D. Little, the world’s first management consultancy, founded in Boston in 1886.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering. After his MBA he worked with Tech Mahindra and Hewlett Packard, before joining Arthur D. Little. During his career, he has managed many digital transformation projects across the world.

dr. Mark Pleško

CEO, Cosylab

Mark Pleško is a physicist and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-owner of company Cosylab. Cosylab is the leading global company in the world of software development for the control systems of nuclear accelerators, radio telescopes, and other physical devices.

Mark Pleško is a physicist and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-owner of company Cosylab. Cosylab is the leading global company in the world of software development for the control systems of nuclear accelerators, radio telescopes, and other physical devices.

Viktor Lenart

Chairman at Grow Group

Experienced Group CEO and Chairman with 15 years in management, consulting and executive leadership development. Skilled in Executive Development, Business Planning, HR Consulting.

Strong entrepreneurship professional with a International Master's in Management focused in Business Administration, Management and Operations from Purdue Krannert (USA) and TiasNimbas (Netherlands) Business School. 17 years in Psychodrama, Focus therapy, Integrated therapy councelling.

Andras Vicsek

Co-founder, Maven7

Andras Vicsek, Co-Founder of Maven7, is a researcher, a management consultant and a trainer specialized in organizational and social network analysis with a solid background in change management, team and organizational development. He has a degree in work and organizational psychology from ELTE University, Budapest.

Andras is also the developer of OrgMapper, a web-based Organizational Network Analysis tool for consultants. He frequently holds OrgMapper Organizational Network Analysis certification training groups for change management and OD practitioners from various regions of the world. Before founding Maven7 with his partners, he gained vast experience as the head of several research projects regarding work stress, motivation, loyalty and employer branding. Andras is the key technical expert of Maven7’s products, services and related certification training programs Maven7 is providing to its Organizational Development partners.

Ivan Matasić

CEO, Mapos Usluge, Croatia

Ivan Matasić started his career as a research assistant at FER, University of Zagreb. From 1998 to 2002 he was a founder and CEO of the company Rego-Stan Zagreb, which grew to 1 mil € revenues in 3 years.

During his career, he was CFO in company Elektropromet Zagreb, senior consultant in A.T. Kearney, CEO of Impulsor Adriatic, CFO in HZ Infrastructura and HEP d.d. From 2015 he is CEO of company MAPOS Usluge. He works as business consultant for Pharma, IT and Energy sectors. One of his activity is also developing technologically advanced renewable sources projects. When he has some free time, he likes to swim and play the guitar.

Andrej Vizjak

Founder and Partner of

Andrej Vizjak has more than 30 years of change management experience with leading international organizations. He is the author of 25 books, translated into 12 languages.

He served as Executive Vice President of the Bertelsmann media company during 1995–2000, when it became the largest book publisher in the world. From 2000 until 2010 he was a partner of A.T. Kearney and responsible for Central & Eastern Europe. He was a Senior Partner and Chief Innovation Officer for Central and Eastern Europe of PwC during 2010–2015, when it was the largest advisory company in the world. In 2015, he founded, together with his wife Sonja Vizjak, the Dubai-based company, with the vision to create the first digital consulting company. Now he is advising other companies on how to be(come) the first in the world.

Sonja Vizjak

Co-founder and partner of

Sonja Vizjak is as co-founder and partner of responsible for the digital transformation and HR management of her company.

Sonja has started her career in Slovenia and Italy in tourism, marketing and HR management. In 2015 she moved to Dubai and co-founded the international consulting company with the vision to be(come) the first digital consulting company in the world. The company’s mission is to enable its clients to be(come) the first in the world in their market niches. The company is expanding very quickly and operates already in 24 countries across the world. In addition to other functions she is responsible for the HR management of

Toni Balažič

Panvita and

Toni Balažič started his career at the company Spem as project director and at the same time, he was the first director of London School of Public Relations Slovenia.

During his career, he was marketing director in Petrol, a consultant at AT Kearney (mainly in the field of energetic and customer goods). After working in Fructal as manager, he started the position of President of Management Board in Žito in 2010. In June 2011 he managed the Mercator Business System, where he worked until the last year. From 2018 he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Panvita. He deals mainly with business and financial restructuring.

Sonja Špoljarić

HR director, BSH Nazarje

Sonja is HR director in BSH Nazarje, Slovenia. BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is one of the world's leading companies in the sector and the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe.

To be the first choice for consumers worldwide drives the company and its employees.At the end of 2017, BSH employs more than 61,800 people worldwide (including apprentices). A plus of around 3,500 employees.


Peter Ribarič

Chair of Program Committee & Editor in Chief HR&M Magazin

Andrej Vizjak

Member of Program Committee & CEO of

Viktor Lenart

Member of Program Committee & CEO of Grow Group


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